College Representatives

College Representative Description and Candidates

The duties of the College Representatives shall be to:

  1. Serve as a resource for college admission professionals and present their issues to the Executive Board.
  2. Attend NJACAC Executive Board meetings as voting members.
  3. Attend NJACAC general membership meetings.
  4. Serve on NJACAC committees and assist with events.
  5. Perform such other duties from time to time as may be prescribed by the President.

College Representative Candidates

Ryan DePuy

Current Place of Employment: Sacred Heart University
Job Title: Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Professional Association Memberships: NACAC, NJACAC, NEACAC, WPRCA
NJACAC Service: College Key NJ  & Camp College Presenter
NACAC Service: Member since 2012
Has Presented Workshops at:   NJACAC conferences

Candidate Message:  

NJACAC has been an important part in my development as a counseling professional and has given me wonderful opportunities to grow through various professional development opportunities.  Perhaps more importantly, it has given me the opportunity to build relationships with colleagues who have taught me a great deal about the profession.

I would like to start my service to NJACAC because I believe I have reached a place in my career where I can apply my expertise to help the organization grow and thrive, while still continuing to grow as a professional.

The following are some of the issues that I see are important to address:

1. Membership
2. Professional Development and Mentorship
3. Building relationships between School Counselors/Admissions/IECs
4. Utilizing those relationships in the interest of better serving the students we work with
5.  Continuing to administer NJACAC Regional CF, and the NCF.  Possibly exploring a new PVA or STEM program in NJ

Zaneb Ghanem

Current Place of Employment: Rowan College at Burlington County
Job Title: Assistant Director of Outreach  & Admissions, Partnerships & Special Populations
Professional Association Memberships: NACAC,  NJACAC, BCSCA,  MSCROA
NJACAC Service: Scholarship Commitee (2018 – present)
Other Related Professional Leadership: BCSCA Executive board (2015-present), Volunteer MSCROA conference, volunteer Collegiate Advisory Board for Sigma Sigma Sigma National Sorority
Has Presented Workshops at:   NJACAC conference, MSCROA conference, NASPA

Candidate Message:

Serving on the executive board in the College representative role means that I would have the chance to bring a newer point of view not only to the NJACAC but the NACAC as well. While New Jersey may be a smaller state in size, we know that we are large in all other areas including passion, advocacy, and commitment. I believe that I have the ability to bring these areas as well as many others to the national assembly and hope to serve as your college representative.

Giovanna Flynn

Current Place of Employment: Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey – New Brunswick
Job Title: Assistant Director
Professional Association Memberships: NACAC,  NJACAC
NJACAC Service: College Key NJ presenter (2019), ABCS committee (2018 – present)
NACAC Service: member since 2016
Has Presented Workshops at:   NJACAC conference 2019, NJNYACRAO 2019 conference

Candidate Message:

I have been working in higher education for 16 years and have been able to work with many different groups of students: traditional, first generation, athletes, EOF, international, Dreamers and transfers. These opportunities have allowed me to gain a well-rounded knowledge of diverse student populations and I would like the opportunity to share this knowledge specifically in regards to first generation students. I hope by becoming part of NJACAC at this new level, it will allow me to network, share and expand my knowledge while meeting new people in the world of secondary and higher education.

Frank Mitchell

Current Place of Employment: SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology 2000
Job Title: Admissions Counselor
Professional Association Memberships: NJACAC

Candidate Message:

As a someone who has been involved in higher ed for nearly 20 yrs I believe my experience and knowledge would benefit this organization.  I’m passionate about assisting HS students find a college that is a good match for them. An important issue would be access to higher ed and its affordability and the the student loan debit crisis.

Brian Switay

Current Place of Employment: The College of New Jersey
Job Title: Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions
Professional Association Memberships: NACAC, NJACAC, TACAC, SACAC
NJACAC Service: Bus Tour Co-Chair ( 2016-present), Conference Committee (2015-present)
NACAC Service: Co-Chair on the Emerging Admissions Professionals (2016-present)
Has Presented Workshops at:   NJACAC conferences, Higher Ed Live, #EMchat

Candidate Message:

I have started in NJACAC by joining the Conference Committee and getting an understanding of how and what NJACAC is. After getting involved and presenting at NJACAC and learning more about Enrollment Management, diving into NACAC and getting positions both within NACAC and NJACAC. I think it is the appropriate time to join the next steps as The Bus Tour duty is just about expiring after my 3-year term. I think that by volunteering to join NJACAC as a College Representative I will be able to represent my colleagues both in incoming Freshman admissions and now in Transfer admissions well and responsibly. I look forward to taking the next steps in my NJACAC career and I look forward to having your vote.

NJACAC should continue to address Diversity and Inclusion not only in NJ but nationally. How can we continue to help and bring a strong education to students who may think that they are not eligible to receive one.