National Assembly Delegates

Delegate Description and Candidates

The duties of the National Assembly Delegates shall be to:

  1. Represent the interests of the New Jersey Association for College Admission Counseling.
  2. Attend Executive Board meetings as voting member.
  3. Attend the annual NACAC conference, and to represent NJACAC at National Assembly meetings, during their term.
  4. Perform such other duties from time to time as may be prescribed by the President.
  5. Alternate delegate(s), will be appointed by the President (with the approval of the Executive Committee) to attend the NACAC National Assembly meeting as outlined in Article IV, should an elected delegate be unable to fulfill this responsibility or another Delegate position is created by This person may or may not be a member of the Executive Board and must be a voting member of NJACAC and NACAC.
  6. Delegates must serve on, and chair, at least one committee, subcommittee, or event of the organization.


Delegate Candidates

Sharaea Boyd

Current Place of Employment: Bard High School Early College
Job Title: College Transfer Coordinator
Professional Association Memberships: NACAC, NJACAC
NJACAC Service: Camp College NJ co-director 2019,  Camp College Volunteer
NACAC Service: Member since 2016
Has Presented Workshops at:   Will lead NJACAC Cultural Minority SIG at 2019 conference

Delegate Experience working as a representative or in political assemblies :

 Some of the qualities I believe would be applicable to serve as Delegate is the ability to lead a group of professionals to accomplish one common goal. This is best exemplified in the workshops I provide to my colleagues regarding college related updates both in the high schools and universities. The presentation experience I possess, gained through work, has prepared me to speak on my organization’s behalf if needed. My ability to understand what students require and provide resources makes me a great candidate to work for an organization that services both students and the professionals that assist them. Previously, as one of the founding members of Caldwell University’s Task Force for Racial Equity, I have worked closely with students and professionals of color to ensure that a proper campus climate was felt throughout, using institutional data and department presentations. The skills that I have built through this role, prepare me to take a new role I hope to gain as a co-facilitator of NJACAC’s Cultural Minority SIG.

Candidate Message:

As a Delegate, I look forward to addressing key issues that specifically affect students within the state of New Jersey. Looking to grow the involvement of the IAS committee and overall NJ student outreach, I would love for NJACAC to provide more resources for our growing student population here in the state, specifically students of color. Serving as a Delegate provides the opportunity for me to be a voice for students that attend schools in urban cities and provide resources that would bring more positive attention to the organization. My connection to higher education professionals and high school counselors alike, would hopefully yield in additional memberships as we work closer together. IAS is a passion of mine that I intend to pursue and utilize for the greater good of the NJ student body.  

Melissa Zolla

Current Place of Employment: William Paterson University
Job Title: Assistant Director of Campus Visit Experience
Professional Association Memberships: NACAC, NJACAC, CIVSA
NJACAC Service: Membership Co-Chair: 2018-present, Conference Committee: 2015-present, College Representative: 2017-present, College Key Co-Chair: 2018, College Key workshop leader: 2015-2017, Camp College small group leader: 2016
NACAC Service: Member since 2016
Has Presented Workshops at:   NJACAC conferences, NASPA conference, MSCROA conference
Awards: NJACAC Rising Star 2018, NACAC Rising Star Nominee 2018

Delegate Experience working as a representative or in political assemblies:

While I have not had experience with the NJACAC bylaws directly, I have had years of experience working within my sorority, Theta Phi Alpha, serving as regional delegate and focusing on national and chapter bylaws. I have attended the last four national conventions, serving as the regional delegate and ensuring that my constituents’ interests as well as their voices were heard at the national level. I served as a chapter advisor for four years and in this role it is my responsibility to ensure that national and chapter bylaws are followed properly by the women in the organization.

Candidate Message:

Serving on the executive board in the Assembly Delegate roll means that I would have the chance to bring a newer point of view not only to the NJACAC but the NACAC as well. While New Jersey may be a smaller state in size, we know that we are large in all other areas including passion, advocacy, and commitment. I believe that I have the ability to bring these areas as well as many others to the national assembly and hope to serve as your delegate.