Member Information

Individual Voting Membership (NJ Residents)

  • Individuals employed by secondary schools, colleges or universities in New Jersey
  • Independent Counselors who meet criteria established by NJACAC
  • Individuals who work for not-for-profit organizations, agencies or institutions which provide counseling or admission services in New Jersey
  • Individuals employed by colleges or universities outside of New Jersey whose main territory includes New Jersey. These members must not hold primary voting membership in any other NACAC affiliate.
  • Retired individuals who were actively engaged in counseling or admissions in the NJACAC region

Individual Non Voting Membership (Out-of-State Residents)

  • Individuals employed by primary or secondary schools, colleges or universities outside of New Jersey that are in agreement with the purpose of NJACAC
  • Not-for-profit organizations, agencies or institutions which provide counseling or admissions services outside of New Jersey

Individual Non Voting Membership (Graduate Students)

  • Academic Requirement: The student member must be enrolled in a planned program of counselor education or a graduate program qualifying the student for a college admission counseling profession; and working toward a degree of certification as a counselor or other college admission profession.
  • The student member must be certified by his/her professor/advisor as meeting the academic requirement. This should come in the form of a letter from the advisor and should be attached to the membership application (or forwarded to the membership chair if application is done online).
  • Employment Requirement: No person, who is employed full-time in a position that would make him/her eligible for a professional or regular membership, shall be entitled to student membership.

Independent Educational Consultant

Independent educational consultants or counselors who are self-employed by a company providing counseling, admission, or financial aid services to students and/or their parents.


Must have a NACAC voting membership in the current or immediately preceding year prior to applying as an Independent Educational Consultant. 


Must have membership with the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) or Professional Membership in Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). Applicants must provide proof of current membership in HECA or IECA at time of application. Membership as an associate member of IECA would qualify.

If applicant does not meet either of the two preceding criteria, then applicant must have: A bachelor’s degree and two years of college admission counseling experience in a secondary school or postsecondary setting or in a not-for-profit organization (e.g., community-based or religious) eligible for NACAC membership or two years experience as an educational consultant or counselor.


Documented completion of a practicum based counseling program from a NACAC member eligible institution.


Written recommendation from a current NJACAC high school, college/university or independent education consultant member who has known the applicant for at least two years in a professional capacity.

Organizational Memberships

Voting Organization Membership

Organizations eligible for voting membership.

  • Not-for-profit organizations whose primary activities consist of providing counseling, admission, or financial aid services to students, the college admission counseling or financial aid professions. Must provide proof of tax exempt status with applications.

Community Based Organization

  • Not-for-profit community-based organizations which provide counseling, admission or financial aid services only to students at the state or local level on an on-going basis. Must provide proof of tax exempt status with application.

Nonvoting Organization Membership

Organizations eligible for nonvoting membership.

  • Organization (for profit and non-profit) that provide products and/or services to the counseling, admission, or financial aid professional or in support of students in transition to postsecondary education and are not eligible for voting membership.

All organization members must:

  • Submit copies of organization literature which describes the purposes of the organization or a link to the organization website.
  • Have been in business at least three years.
  • Designate a principal representative whose professional responsibilities include providing services or products to students or to counseling, admission or financial aid professionals.

Annual Fee Structure (September 1 to August 31)


  • 3-5 Members: $125
  • 6-10 Members: $250
  • 11+ Members: $375

Note that all professionals working at the same institution can be included in the membership application and fee.


  • Individual Member: $50
  • Retired Member: $25
  • Graduate Student Member: $30