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Admission Practices

The Admissions Practices Committee is charged with promoting awareness of ethical practices within the admission process for all institutions including high schools and colleges. The Admission Practices Committee has been charged with creating education materials to help promote the best ethical practices outlined in NACAC’s Guide to Ethical Practice in College Admission (GEPCA) and establish and implement a process for updating the document. GEPCA reflects the association’s long-standing commitment to principled conduct among professionals who support students in the college transition process from secondary school to postsecondary education and in the transfer process between postsecondary institutions. The GEPCA empowers us to build trust and find common ground while we work to ensure that every student’s dignity, worth, and potential are realized in the transition to postsecondary education. While this guide is intended to state what NACAC members believe are the best, ethical practices for conducting the admission process, we believe they are applicable to all admission professionals. 

Admission Practices Committee shall:

  • Deal with questions concerning professional ethics and standards of conduct.
  • Encourage all involved in counseling to observe principles of good practice and procedure.
  • Insure the welfare of the individual student is an important consideration in the counseling relationship.
  • Investigate any charges of alleged breach of professional ethics and recommend appropriate Association action.


The Awards Committee reviews nominations and makes recommendations to the Executive Board to recognize members’ contributions to the association and the admission counseling profession. Awards are announced and presented at the annual conference.

Admissions Representative of the Year

This award recognizes an Admission Counseling professional who exemplifies excellence and dedication to serving the needs of students in the transition from high school to college and/or the transition to another college/university.  This representative should have exhibited sustained service in the college admissions field by providing exceptional support to students and peers, service to the Association or service to state, national or allied associations.  Both the person nominating and the candidate must be members of NJACAC in good standing.  In the nomination please include the candidate’s impact on the association or membership, and demonstrated innovation and initiative.

Previous winners:
2019: Michael Cartusciello
2018: Larry Alterman

School Counselor of the Year

This award recognizes a School Counselor who exemplifies excellence and dedication to serving the needs of students in the transition from high school to college.  This counselor should have exhibited sustained service in the college admissions field by providing exceptional support to students and peers, service to the Association or service to state, national or allied associations.  Both the person nominating and the candidate  must be members of NJACAC in good standing.  In the nomination please include the candidate’s impact on the association or membership, and demonstrated innovation and initiative.

2021: Randy Stamm
Previous winner:
2019: Muleyke Fidan
2018: Monica Mann

The Biunno-Lynes Award for Outstanding Commitment & Service

Executive Board Award

The Biunno-Lynes Award is the highest recognition NJACAC can bestow upon an executive board member (present or past) and recognizes one’s loyalty, dedication and extraordinary service to NJACAC. Past recipients have contributed greatly to the organization over the course of many years, having been elected to the Presidential cycle and other Executive Board positions, serving as active Chairs and/or members on standing Committees, and volunteering for multiple NJACAC-led programs and events. The Award is named in memory of Robert Biunno (1927-1976) and George Lynes (1937-2015), two prominent admission professionals who helped shape the profession and the growth of NJACAC.

2021: Dana Lambert
2020: Marianna Marchese
Previous winners:
2017 Melissa O’Sullivan
2016 Cigus Vanni
2015 Susan Makowski
2014 none
2013 Claire Cafaro

2012 Nancy Hazelgrove
2011 Susan Hatch

Special Services Award

Executive Board Award

Given to an individual who has made exemplary contributions to NJACAC and the admission counseling profession over the course of the past academic fiscal year, recipients of this award are active participants on the Executive Board, leaders of standing committees, and/or participants in professional development activities through workshops and annual conferences. In previous years, recipients of this award have coordinated the annual Bus Tour program, planned the Meadowlands National College Fair, and made other significant contributions to the affiliate.

2021: Giovanna Flynn
Previous winners:
2019: Nicole Cibelli and Brian Switay
2018: Danielle Toglia and Bernice Hornchak
2017 Jose Vallejo
2016 Elaine Freda
2015 Dana Lambert
2014 none
2013 Jennifer Neuchterlein

Rising Professional Award

Executive Board or Member Award

This award recognizes admission counseling professionals and NJACAC members new to the profession who exemplify excellence and dedication to serving the needs of students in the transition from high school to college. Further, the award encourages honorees to continue their professional development through active participation in NJACAC activities and programs.

2021: Sarah Morissette
Past Recipients:
2019: Cherilyn Reynolds
2018: Melissa Zolla
2017 Reve Anderko
2016 Julia Del Bagno
2015 Lauren Livak
2014 Jaclyn Rodrigues and Carolyn Ucci
2013 Carlos Cano

Retiring Member Award

Executive Board or Member Award

Given to members who are retiring this calendar or school year, the Retiring Member Award recognizes the members’ significant contributions to NJACAC during their careers in college admission counseling as high school counselors, college admission officers or independent consultants.

2021: Pamela Ghee and Fran Swift
Past Recipients:
2019: Elaine Freda
2017 Nancy Icenhower
2016 Nancy Campbell
2015 Rich Freccia
2014 Barbara Cohen
2013 Marianna Marchese

Friend of NJACAC Award

Non-member Award

Conferred occasionally, the Friend of NJACAC Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding support of, and have been advocates for, the goals and objectives of the Association. Nominees for this award may be non-NJACAC affiliated college admission counseling professionals, as well as business, political, educational or community leaders whose contributions to our professional endeavors warrant special notice.

2019: Zakiya Smith Ellis
Past Recipients:
2017 Christina Hamme Patterson
2016 Joe Roberto
2015 Rebecca Martin
2014 Nancy Icenhower


The Bylaws Committee shall consist of a chair and at least two members appointed by the President. Its responsibility is to review the Articles of Organization and Bylaws on an annual basis, and to recommend any revisions to these documents for approval by the membership of NJACAC, and to insure their consistency with the governance documents of NACAC.

The NJACAC College Fair Registry is available to paid NJACAC members as a benefit. High Schools and organizations can list their college fairs to ensure good college representation while avoiding conflicts with other events while college representatives can ensure a seamless travel schedule well in advance without missing any important dates!


The Communications Committee includes numerous subcommittees including website, social media, and media relations. The committee is responsible for the publication of events and activities.


The Conference Committee, under the direction of the Conference Chair, works to plan the annual conference.  This includes but is not limited to planning the schedule, reviewing & choosing workshops, setting up the social, choosing conference events, and setting up tasks for the event.  Conference committee members work the day before the conference setting up materials and the days of the conference in various jobs such as registration, ticket collection, and social events management.  The committee meets regularly throughout the year – about 6 meetings total not counting the days of the actual conference.

Fiscal Oversight

The Fiscal Oversight Committee is the Association’s agent for organizing its financial affairs, serves as support for the Treasurer, and keeps an eye on the fiscal matters of the organization. The FOC chairs should be in frequent contact with the Treasurer and the President offering assistance as needed in maintaining the proper procedures and policies in handling the Association’s financial affairs.

Government Relations

The Government Relations Committee (GRC) serves as the legislative arm of NJACAC and liaison to NACAC’s Government Relations Committee. GRC monitors current legislation and policies impacting access to post-secondary education, coordinates advocacy programs, and serves as a resource for legislators on issues concerning the transition to post-secondary education.

Legislative Links

Inclusion, Access & Success (IAS)

The IAS committee’s mission is to advance the association’s commitment to serve students from under-represented populations and the professionals that support them. This is achieved by providing education & resources professionals,  advocacy for students & professionals, and  resources & opportunities for students who are under-represented in college populations for a variety of reasons (impoverished, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, disabled).

The Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee’s two main events are:

Camp College

Camp College is a free 2-day, overnight program for college-bound students. This event is open to rising juniors and seniors. The focus of Camp College is to introduce students to college life and further the discussion on the college admissions and selection process. Camp College is hosted by a New Jersey college or university and allows students the opportunity to experience campus life first hand by staying on-campus overnight. Topics covered during Camp College are the college application, the college essay, recommendation letters, financial aid, sports at the collegiate level, and other prominent college admissions topics.

College Key

College Key is a free college admissions workshop for traditionally underrepresented, low income, and first generation high school students. This event is open to 10th and 11th grade high school students and their parents and/or guardians.


The purpose and objectives of the Membership Committee are to:

  • Promote the goals of the Association.
  • Recruit new members.
  • Collect dues from existing members.
  • Make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding criteria for membership in accordance with NACAC guidelines.

The Membership Committee chairperson shall also be responsible for verifying the eligibility of nominees on the Executive Board and Assembly Delegates slates. The Membership Committee includes a subcommittee for graduate student advocacy.


The NJACAC Mentorship Program strives to connect NJACAC members new to the college counseling profession with those having worked in the field for some time. Becoming a mentor/mentee allows the participant to further engage with the NJACAC membership, forging new networking opportunities and professional relationships.

What does the relationship entail?

The relationship you develop with your mentor/mentee is entirely up to you! We recommend that you first connect with your mentor/mentee and get to know one another. Talk about your professional experiences that led you to college counseling; share your resumes; discuss your professional goals and interests. A mentee should feel comfortable reaching out to his/her mentor for assistance; a mentor should be excited about introducing mentees to other organization members. Once you get to know one another, meet prior to programming events or workshops and attend them together.

How do I sign up to become a mentor/mentee?

Please complete and return the NJACAC Mentorship Program Application. Applications are accepted all year long.

Who qualifies to be a mentor/mentee?

Any NJACAC member is welcome to participate in the mentorship program. We suggest that our mentors have at least 3 or more years experience in the college counseling profession. Mentees should have less than 3 years of experience in the profession and/or be new NJACAC members. All applicants must have a current NJACAC membership.

When should I expect to be matched with a mentor/mentee?

The Committee will meet multiple times during the academic year and will strive to match all interested members at each meeting. However, we may not be able to meet all match requests at each meeting and your application will be kept in the pool.

When should I expect to hear from my mentor/mentee?

The Committee will notify you by email when you have been matched with your mentor/mentee. A successful mentorship relationship requires active participation from both parties; feel free to take the initiative and connect with your mentor/mentee via email or with a phone call.

National College Fairs

The National College Fair Committees work with NACAC to develop, promote, and run the National College Fairs in the Meadowlands and Atlantic City. Varying subcommittees are responsible for varying aspects of the fair.

The following subcommittees help support NCF:

  • Marketing/Publicity
  • Workshops
  • Counseling Center
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation
  • General Volunteers


The Nominations/Elections committee, lead by the Immediate Past President, is responsible for promoting the Association’s officer positions that become vacant on an annual basis (president-elect, treasurer-elect, secretary, secondary school representative, college representative, delegate). The committee confirms that nominees are NJACAC members and presents the nominees to the Board who will vote to approve the slate. Upon the conclusion of voting, the committee will announce results to the full membership.

Professional Development

NJACAC is active in providing professional development experiences for all members and those interested in the college admissions profession. An annual spring conference includes numerous workshops on topics of current interest. In addition, each year a series of workshops are offered at various campuses around the state. Finally, the association offers a summer workshop experience for those relatively new to the profession or those who may wish a refresher in the “Basics of College Admissions.” NJACAC/NACAC is a registered provider with the N.J. Department of Education and all those who participate in workshops are eligible for certificates recognized by the NJDOE.

The NJACAC Professional Development Committee works to provide professional development programs for guidance and admission counselors. Mini-Institutes are half day programs hosted by our NJ colleges, universities and high schools on important college admission topics. Those in attendance will receive certification from NACAC/NJACAC as a Registered Provider with the New Jersey Department of Education.

We encourage our members to offer your school/campus as a workshop site. Members may develop a session from our list of topics or perhaps develop your own. This is a great way to help school counselors learn more about your institution. The Professional Development Committee will advertise your event on the NJACAC website and send emails to the general membership.


Professional development increases the effectiveness of our staffs and enhances the services we provide for students and their parents. We invite you to provide an important learning opportunity for the members of NJACAC and the college counseling community.


NJACAC awards scholarships annually to high school seniors, community college students who are enrolling at a four-year institution, and to a current graduate students who are enrolled in a school counseling or higher education administration program. Each year, the Executive Board sets the number and scholarship amount(s) from their annual budget. Scholarship recipients, parents/guardians and counselors are acknowledged at the yearly Annual NJACAC Conference.

Nomination forms for all scholarships can be found here.

NJACAC High School Scholarship Award

NJACAC will be awarding $1250 scholarship to (4) high school seniors including one who has attended Camp College and/or College Key. Awards are presented at our Annual NJACAC Conference in May.

Liam Hempstead, Bloomfield High School (College of Mount Saint Vincent)
Samiyah Lewis, Passaic County Technical Institute (Montclair State University)
Nayah Regans, Hackensack High School (Skidmore College)
Will Stozenski, Academy for Biotechnology at Mountainside High School (Villanova University)

Trystan Ng, Northern Valley Demarest High School (Rutgers University)
Abigail Alvarez, Edison High School (The College of New Jersey)
Jeffrey Yumbla, Hackensack High School (Montclair State University)
Shreya Shivakuma, J.P. Stevens High School (Barnard College)
Sunrit Panda, Edison High School (Princeton University)

2020 winners: 
Jeffrey Fay, Passaic County Technical Institute (Planning to attend William Patterson University
Jennifer Martinez, Dover High School (Planning to attend Montclair State University)
Matthew Turo, Morris Knolls High School (Planning to attend West Chester University)

2019 winners:
Brian Ziegelhofer, Hackensack High School
Jharia  Morris, Notre Dame High School
Matthew Hoffman, West Milford High School
Imani Griffin, Rahway High School

2018 winners:
Melvin Temu, Innovation High School
Jelani Herbert, School of Earth and Space Science
Emily Menjivar, Saint Dominic Academy
John Grecco, Butler High School

NJACAC Community College Scholarship Award

NJACAC will be awarding a $1250 scholarship to (1) community college student enrolling at a four-year institution. Awards are presented at our annual NJACAC Conference in May.

2022 winner:
Sybel Francois, Union County College (transferring to Princeton University)

2020 winner:
Jehan Shalabi, Passaic County Community College (planning to attend New Jersey Institute of Technology)

2019 winner:
Karina Familia, Union County College

2018 winner:
Joshua Loew, Cumberland Community College

NJACAC Graduate Student Scholarship Award

NJACAC will be awarding a $1250 scholarship to (1) graduate student. Awards are presented at our annual NJACAC Conference in May.

2022 winner:
Arianna Hoffman, Monmouth University

2021 winner:
Sasha Rashid, Seton Hall University

2020 winner:
Liz Arostegui, New Jersey City University 

2018 winner:
Nicole Sandas, Montclair State University

Transfer Advocacy/Community College

The Transfer Advocacy/Community College Committee was established to represent the unique issues and concerns of community college and transfer students. In collaboration with other standing committees this committee deals with matters related to admission practices, scholarships, legislative issues, and professional development as they relate to transfer students.

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