Retiring Member Nomination

Given to members who are retiring this calendar or school year, this award recognizes the members’ significant contributions to NJACAC during their careers in college admission counseling as high school counselors, college admission officers or independent consultants.

Please complete one (1) form for each member you wish to nominate. All information requested must be provided so that equitable consideration is given to all nominees. Please note that the nominee’s contributions to NJACAC are most important in the selection process for all awards.

Retiring Members Award 2023

  • Please tell us where this individual works.
  • Please tell the Awards Committee why you have nominated this candidate for this award, including reference to relevant contributions to NJACAC, our profession, students, parents, schools and communities.
  • Please let us know who you are as you nominate your colleague.
  • Where can we reach you if we have questions?