Swarthmore College

Senior level position, grade 8, that plays a key role in the management of the Admissions Office and in the recruitment and selection of the College’s first-year and transfer class. This position manages outreach, recruitment and yield as well as supervising staff. Directing and managing admissions recruitment requires far-reaching technical and analytical abilities to leverage Slate CRM, as well as strong communication skills. Tasks performed include: managing several office-wide functional areas comprising several key admissions functions; managing and leveraging data, technical, query, and reporting processes in Slate CRM; managing and traveling to a regional territory, physically and virtually visiting high schools and college access organizations, attending college fairs, performing outreach through workshops and presentations; representing the College at professional conferences and the Admissions Office on selected College committees; reading and evaluating a full share of applications; participating in on-campus and online recruitment activities, interviewing prospective students, conducting information sessions, participating in open houses; liaising with staff and faculty at the College; and mentoring and supervising junior staff.

To apply for this job please visit careers.swarthmore.edu.