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  • Are you a former admissions officer or a current school or CBO counselor looking to add part-time work to your plate?
  • Do you believe the college admissions process should be an exciting journey for families, not an anxiety-inducing rite of passage?
  • Are you looking for the training, resources, and support to do the very best college admissions counseling of your career?

Collegewise is looking for part-time college counselors with experience in admissions or student counseling to join us. Work will take place remotely for the foreseeable future, so while we’d prefer counselors who currently live near one of our offices, we’re open to applicants from anywhere in the US.

Who We Are
Collegewise is a college counseling and test prep company that guides high school students through the college admissions process. Since 1999, we’ve helped more than 25,000 “A” students, “C” students, and everyone in between apply and get accepted to schools—sometimes famous, often not—that they’re excited to attend. And we do it all with just the right mix of advice, encouragement, and occasional cheerleading to ensure their college admissions process goes smoothly and thoughtfully. We also speak in public, write, and continuously look for ways to spread relevant college planning information to anyone who needs it—whether or not they join our programs.

We’ve built our business with counselors who work with us full-time. But we’ve also had recent success employing former admissions officers and school counselors whose work and life circumstances have led them to seek part-time work. And we’d like to repeat more of that success.

What We Do
To learn more about our inspiring work, check out this short video.

How We Work
To get a solid intro to our culture and our colleagues, watch this short video.

What’s the Job?
As a part-time Collegewise counselor, you’ll work with a small caseload, comprised mostly of junior and senior students, meeting virtually (via Zoom) one-on-one to help them find and apply to the right colleges for them. The number of hours you’ll work per week will depend on the number of students you choose to take on.

Every college counselor who joins us completes an initial paid 40-hour training, followed by mentoring, a supportive hive of over 60 fellow counselors, access to over ten years of student admissions results to aid you in your work, proprietary software to track your students’ progress, and ongoing professional development like our College Counseling Master Class. We think this commitment to finding, training, and developing the very best college counselors shows in our work. We’ve received hundreds (and hundreds) of glowing testimonials from families. And even our most veteran counselors don’t coast on experience. We all want to keep getting better all the time.

We’re not looking for people who equate part-time hours with part-time effort. This is less about the number of hours you work and more about the heart you bring to that work. And that engagement will go both ways. You’ll have a dedicated manager who’s committed to your success. You’ll be treated like a valuable addition to our team, you’ll be invited to our company holiday party, and you’ll be considered for some of our most iconic annual awards. In fact, some of our most indispensable colleagues are part-timers who have found their place here and now thrive doing their very best work.

You’ll also work hard, often in the evenings and on weekends when students are available. But you’ll be helping kids and parents, working with smart, passionate coworkers, and doing it all at an organization that has absolutely no reverence for U.S. News & World Report college rankings.

Doing the Right Thing, Making a Difference, and Treating People Right
You wouldn’t be crossing over to the for-profit dark side of counseling here. We’ve earned an excellent reputation with both high school counselors and admissions officers. We present at NACAC, local ACACs, and at high schools and community events. We’re partnered with Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher organization, and we offer a scholarship program for under-resourced students. We share our free resources liberally, including Runway, our course we built for students applying to college. We tell the truth, treat people right, recycle, and have at least five confirmed vegetarians and two vegans here. We’re biased, but really, this is a pretty great place to work.

Who We’re Looking For (You)

  • You currently have room for a part-time role in your life, and you’d rather be challenged by something important than phone it in for something mundane.
  • You earn a reputation as someone who can be counted on. When you promise you’ll show up, literally or figuratively, you always do. And you don’t need a list of policies to know you should be on time, prepared, and professional.
  • You understand parents and their high school-aged students. You speak their figurative language fluently. And you’ve run in the circles you’re seeking to serve, either as a parent, a high school counselor/director, or a professional who’s worked closely with those populations. You’re inspired—not intimidated or annoyed—by the prospect of working with families who want to engage with a college counseling service like ours. And we’ll give special consideration to applicants who have already forged trusted relationships with local high school communities.
  • You believe that truly great college counseling is a craft that deserves to be respected, nurtured, and put to the very best use to help kids.
  • You’re comfortable flying solo, but you also love lending a hand and being helpful to others. You enjoy success together with a team as much as—or even more than—you do alone.
  • You win people over easily and earn trust quickly. Whether you’re brainstorming a college list with a coworker, meeting with a student about their academic plan, or talking to a concerned parent on the phone, people enjoy and benefit from their interactions with you.
  • Most importantly, you believe in the vision of Collegewise. You’ve seen or experienced the anxiety that the college admissions process can wreak on families. You want to be a supportive guide and an enthusiastic source of support for kids and parents. You’re passionate about what Collegewise stands for and our drive to help as many families as possible transform their journey to college.

Compensation, Hours, and Caseload 
Part-time counselors are paid $75 an hour. Another way to look at it: depending on the program a student enrolls in, you’ll earn a total of $2200-$2600 per student. You’ll ultimately have the autonomy to decide the size of your caseload based on your availability and your desire for work, but we envision part-time counselors working with a minimum of 5 students.

What if you currently have a full-time job? 
If you’re willing and able to schedule student meetings and attend relevant Collegewise trainings, we’re comfortable working with counselors who have existing full-time commitments.

Start Date
We want our part-time counselors to start sometime between February and June of 2022, but we’re flexible for the right person.

How to Apply
If your interest is piqued, please start by writing us a cover letter that tells your story. What role has admissions or counseling played in your professional life? What brought you to this place seeking part-time work? What excites you about this opportunity?

We enjoy working with people who are clear thinkers and equally clear communicators.

And you’re more interesting than a generic “insert-name-of-company-here” letter. So please be yourself and use your letter to help us get to know the real you. You might also consider checking out our five tips for job seekers.
Then submit your application on our site. When you paste your cover letter into the text box, your formatting will hold up when we see it (but if it doesn’t, we’ll blame the text box, not you).

If you’re excited about this opportunity but unsure if you’re the right fit, we hope you’ll take a shot. There is no such thing as a perfect applicant (or a perfect gig, for that matter). And we promise to give a fair and thorough read to every applicant who takes the time to submit a thoughtful application to us.

And finally, we understand that the more we embrace diversity of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective, the stronger the company we’ll build together. Creating an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best work is the right thing to do. And we hope you’re excited to embrace and contribute to our efforts.

Feel free to email us at (no phone calls, please). We promise to respond to you quickly.
Thanks for reading our post. We’d love to hear from you, but if we don’t, we hope you find the perfect professional fit someplace else.

To apply for this job please visit