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*Do you want your work to feel like a calling where you make a difference every day?

*Do you believe the college admissions process should be an exciting journey for families, not an anxiety-inducing rite of passage?

*Are you looking for the training, resources, and support to do the very best college admissions counseling of your career?

Collegewise is looking for someone with the right combination of passion, personality, and pluck to join our Bergen County office as a college counselor. Prior experience in admissions, student counseling, student affairs, or another related field is helpful but not necessarily required.

First, a quick introduction

Collegewise believes that the college admissions process has spun out of control for high school students and their parents. Too much anxiety and confusion. Too much obsession with prestigious colleges. Too little appreciation for the wonderful educations and experiences waiting at so many schools beyond just the famous ones. And we’re out to change all of that. Together, we’ve built the nation’s largest college counseling organization with over 60 highly trained counselors injecting guidance, perspective, and occasional cheerleading into the admissions process for the families who join our programs. Since 1999, we’ve helped over 10,000 A-students, C-students, and everyone in between find, apply to, and attend the right colleges for them.

What’s the job?

As a Collegewise counselor, you’ll work with 30–60 students—most of whom are juniors and seniors—to help them find and apply to the right colleges for them. To help Collegewise become a trusted and indispensable part of the local community, you’ll also speak in public and develop honest relationships with high schools and counselors. You’ll work hard, occasionally in the evenings and on Saturdays during the busy fall season. But you’ll be helping kids and parents, working with smart, passionate coworkers, and doing it all at an organization that has absolutely no reverence for US News college rankings.

Every college counselor who joins us completes an initial 40-hour training, followed by mentoring, support, and ongoing professional development to help you elevate your counseling and grow in your career here. And we think that drive shows in our work. Browse our counselors’ bios and you’ll see hundreds of glowing testimonials from families who gave us permission to put their full names next to their expressions of thanks for a job we did. Even our most veteran counselors don’t coast on experience. We all want to keep getting better all the time.

You wouldn’t be crossing over to the for-profit version of the dark side here, either. We have an excellent reputation with both high school counselors and admissions officers. We present at NACAC and local ACACs. We speak at high schools and community events. We give away free advice every day on our blog. We tell the truth, we treat people right, we recycle, and we have at least three confirmed vegetarians here. We’re biased, but really, this is a pretty great place to come to work every day.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for someone who makes work a way of life without making it your actual life. Someone who’d rather be challenged by something important than phone it in for something mundane. You want to commit to a calling that matters to you, and you have high expectations of yourself, your job, and your employer.

You have a healthy balance of confidence and humility. You’re quick to meet a challenge and to accept responsibility. You don’t believe you have all the answers, you can admit when you’ve made a mistake, and you’re always up for learning and becoming better at everything you do.

You’re astute. You’re able to read people and situations. You’re a clear thinker and communicator who likes to explain, write, host, and speak in public. And these skills help you make a great first and last impression.

You win people over easily and earn trust quickly. Whether you’re working on a project with a coworker, meeting with a student about a college list, or talking to a concerned parent on the phone, people enjoy and benefit from their interactions with you.

And most importantly, you believe in the vision of Collegewise. You’ve seen or experienced the anxiety that the college admissions process can wreak on families. You want to be a supportive guide and an enthusiastic cheerleader for kids and parents. You’re passionate about what Collegewise stands for and our drive to help as many families as possible transform their journey to college.

Salary and start date

This position starts at $48-55K depending on experience, with room for future growth in both salary and responsibility. We’d like our new hire to start by March 1, 2018, but we will adjust the start date to accommodate the right person.

What’s the next step?

If your interest is piqued, we hope you’ll get to know us a little better on our website. Find out more about what we do, who you’d be working with, and what we believe. If you like what you read and think you could find a professional home here, please email a résumé and cover letter to, and use the subject line “College Counselor: New Jersey.”

Like a great college essay, a great cover letter helps us get to know who you really are. You’re more interesting than a generic insert-name-of-company-here letter paints you to be. So please be yourself—smart, thoughtful, maybe even funny. You might also consider checking out our five tips for job-seekers.

If you have questions about the job, please email us at the above address rather than call us. We promise to respond to you quickly.

Thanks for reading our post. We’d love to hear from you, but if we don’t, we hope you find the perfect professional fit someplace else.

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