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Director of College Guidance Job Description

Job summary: Full Time College Guidance Director
Hired by: The Head of School
Responsible to: Head of School and Head of Upper School

At Wilberforce, the goal of education is to cultivate adults who are equipped to care for, govern, and build God’s kingdom. For the majority of our students, education at the college level will be an important part of achieving this goal. Finding a good fit for college, applying, and learning how to fund college is a process. Our school’s role is to provide guidance in this process, and to help inform and prepare students and families at each milestone.

Our College Guidance Director works closely with students and families to help identify colleges where our students will continue to develop as whole persons – intellectually, socially, and spiritually. Initial counseling meetings serve to help students identify colleges of interest and become familiarized with the application process, while later meetings focus on assisting students to complete the application process.

We also provide students and families with detailed timelines for applying with key dates and deadlines. Not only do we offer up-to-date materials and resources, we also host college application and financial aid workshops. Students may also attend sessions hosted by college representatives, who visit the school.

Another major role of the CGD is to promote awareness of and respect for Wilberforce’s program and students with College Admissions Officers and Representatives.  This involves building relationships with college admission offices and advocating for our students with these offices.


  • Manage the students in their college application process, providing strategies, support, and guidance to students and their families from throughout these students’ time in the Upper School and helping them to make the best individualized choice for college, including guidance about which schools are reasonably within reach and which are not.
  • Create appropriate deadlines for students to submit college applications and recommendation requests.
  • Meet with students individually and in groups to educate and guide them on how to navigate the college process, interpret admissions trends, and sift through individual college options.
  • Counsel and assist students and families to identify resources for scholarships and financial aid for colleges and universities.  Inform students of FAFSA deadlines and other financial aid timeframes.
  • Throughout the school year, produce regular communications targeting juniors and seniors.
  • Provide student and parent updates throughout the year on college application and scholarship information and deadlines.
  • Create and submit materials to colleges in support of college applicants, including transcripts and recommendations. This includes coordinating the faculty writing of requested recommendations for students applying to college.
  • Organize the summer College Essay Bootcamps (usually in June and August) to arrange, lead, and create an editing team to help with essays.
  • Train students in our college application software and application systems like GuidedPath and in using the Common Application.
  • Facilitate visits between students and college representatives on campus.
  • Build relationships and the visibility and credibility of Wilberforce with college admissions offices.
  • Track trends in admissions and college counseling fields.  This includes maintaining membership in the National Association of College Admissions Counselors, attending conferences and continuing education offerings at this and similar organizations in the college counseling field, in consultation with the Upper School Head.
  • Provide college scholarship resources; organize financial aid workshops.
  • Maintain professional networking relationships with other Christian schools, independent schools, and public schools.
  • Coordinate the calendars of all testing involving grades 9-12:  PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject tests, and the ACT.
  • Develop the master schedule for Upper School students.
  • Conduct events and educational outreach for both the student and parent communities.
  • Pursue professional development opportunities, including attending conferences and professional meetings to remain current with trends.
  • Be involved in the school community at large. Participate in faculty/staff meetings to benefit the guidance program.
  • Develop and update the Upper School College Guidance Handbook, accessible to both parents and staff.
  • Oversee the Upper School Arete Awards ceremony.
  • Assume responsibility for other projects as assigned by the Head of School and Head of Upper School.

In partnership with Admissions and Director of Operations

  • Ensure the school has accurate permanent records of students’ testing and academic work.
  • Maintain accurate files on all students and their progression through high school and into the college application process.
  • Provide current transcript information as requested by colleges.
  • Collaborate with admissions and marketing departments to convey information for the interest of prospective parents. (SAT scores, college admissions, scholarship levels)


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience in College Guidance Counseling
  • Administrative ability to establish and refine the process, pay attention to detail, and track students through the process
  • Ability to engage with parents, students and admissions officers constructively
  • Credible profession of faith in Jesus Christ
  • Godly character, as demonstrated by character reference(s)
  • Member or regular attendee of a local church
  • Well spoken, with excellent grammar, diction, vocabulary
  • Understanding of and agreement with the mission, philosophy and pedagogy of The Wilberforce School
  • Ability to explain TWS mission and vision in a compelling way
  • Maturity and emotional stability
  • Discreet.  Able to keep sensitive information about applicants and families completely confidential.

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