Given the cancelation of in-person regional college fairs this fall, NJACAC has been working to provide a virtual alternative for our students to engage with colleges and universities across the country.

We are excited to announce that NJACAC will be partnering with StriveScan to produce the  New Jersey Virtual College Exploration Program for students this fall. 

The goal of the New Jersey Virtual College Exploration Program is to provide students with a wealth of college search information, allow them to browse and learn about different colleges, and ask questions of admission counselors, all in a safe, flexible, online format. 

The program will consist of college knowledge sessions on topics such as finding a college that fits, choosing a major, tips for writing a college essay, and more, presented by admission counselors. The program will also feature information sessions from a wide variety of colleges and universities. 

StriveScan hosted their nationwide Strive Virtual College Exploration program this spring and it was an overwhelming success with over 180,000 students and 500 colleges and universities from around the world. NJACAC and other associations are partnering with StriveScan to bring a more tailored version of this program to our members this fall, designed specifically for New Jersey students.

Program Details
Panel Presentations: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 – Friday, October 2, 2020: Few spots left! Registration closes Thursday, September 10
Programming daily will run from 2pm-8pm and is FREE for all students!

You must be a NJACAC member to register. Click here to purchase/renew your membership.

We will be opening college registration shortly. Colleges and universities that wish to participate should be current members of NJACAC. There will be several options available for you to participate:

  • Panel presentation about a college knowledge topic
    • Examples: Applying to College as an LGBTQ+ Student, Tips for Applying to Art Colleges, Do’s and Don’ts of Essay Writing, Navigating Financial Aid and Reconsideration, Being Undecided, Test-Optional, Parents’ Role in the College Search
    • Your panel must include at least 3 colleges represented
  • Panel presentation with an affinity group of colleges
    • Examples: The State Public Colleges, Jesuit Colleges, Taste of the South
    • Your panel must include at least 3 colleges represented
  • Individual College Information Session
    • Host your own, dedicated 45-minute information session

Registration Fees

  • Panel presentations (college knowledge or affinity group): $200 per college
  • Information sessions: $350 per session
  • Each institution may register for a maximum of one information session but representatives may participate on multiple panel presentations. 
  • You must be a NJACAC member to register. Click here to purchase/renew your membership.