NJACAC Graduate Student Scholarship Award Application

NJACAC will be awarding a $1250 scholarship to (1) graduate student.

Awards will be presented at our annual NJACAC Conference in May 2019.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Completed applications must be submitted by the March 1, 2019 deadline.
  • The applicant must be a New Jersey resident enrolled in good standing in an appropriate school counseling or higher education administration graduate program.
  • Applicants who receive full reimbursement for graduate courses are NOT eligible; those receiving only partial reimbursement may apply.
  • The applicant must be a current 2018-2019 member of NJACAC. If the applicant is unsure of membership status, he/she can contact membership@njacac.org. Graduate membership may be obtained or updated at www.njacac.org.

Application Prodedures:

  • Complete in full, the application below.
  • Submit one letter of recommendation from a dean, professor or a Director of Guidance/School Counseling as an e-mail attachment or pdf to scholarship@njacac.org. Please type in the Subject Line of the e-mail, “NJACAC Graduate Student Scholarship Award Application” with your name.
  • Complete the essay section of the online application with no more than 200 words.

The scholarship recipient will be contacted after the March 1, 2019 deadline.

  • A. Why did you decide to enter the counseling or college admission profession? B. What skills do you think you bring to the counseling/admission field? C. What skills do you think you can acquire in your graduate program to make you a better school counselor or college admission officer? D. What will help you to make a positive impact on the community that you hope to serve? (students, parents, school/colleges and professional colleagues)