Last week, approximately 6000+ college admissions professionals gathered for the 74th Annual National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Prior to the start of the conference, the NJACAC Presidential Trio along with your elected Assembly Delegates attended meetings to prepare for the General Assembly meeting which included votes on several important items, including a proposed change to the NACAC membership structure as well as electing a new NACAC President-Elect and Board Directors.

Here are some highlights from what took place in Salt Lake City, UT:

  1. Proposed Membership Plan is Withdrawn

NACAC Board and Staff had developed a membership plan which was initially presented to the Affiliate Presidents Council (body consisting of all Presidents, Presidents-Elect, and Immediate Past Presidents of all 23 affiliates) in February 2018 at the Winter Leadership Development Institute. Leading up to the conference, one of our very own, Chief Delegate Dana Lambert, began a conversation on social media that would spark a solid movement and a united front to address equity among the membership structure for all. After 90+ minutes of discussion and debate, a NACAC Board Member moved to withdraw their original motion to amend the NACAC bylaws with the new membership structure. The motion passed almost unanimously on the Membership floor.

  1. NJACAC Affiliate Meet & Greet: Networking

On Thursday afternoon in Salt Lake City, our affiliate had the opportunity to hold an informal meet & greet session. Since our affiliate had no immediate business to conduct, the Presidential Trio took the opportunity to provide affiliate updates from our summer activities as well as upcoming events and projects, such as the 2019 NJACAC Annual Conference, to take place at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, May 19-21 and the reworking of the “ABCs of College Planning” publication. We were happy to have David Burge, now NACAC’s Immediate Past President, join us to bring us up-to-date on a variety of topics within NACAC and our profession.

  1. NJ to host a NACAC STEM Fair

During our meet and greet, Dana Lambert, Immediate Past President, formally announced that NJ will in fact host a NACAC STEM Fair. While a specific date and location are to be determined, to host a STEM Fair in NJ will allow students from our state to take a deeper look at institutions whose strengths lie within the STEM field. While we have this commitment from NACAC, any and all help and support is still needed. If you are interested in assisting with the further development of our NJ STEM Fair, please reach out to Dana Lambert at

For me, the NACAC Annual Conference has served as an opportunity to refresh and recharge my energies and strengths for the cycle. This year, as Affiliate President, it went a step further with David Burge’s opening speech about the realities we face right now as college admissions professionals, to the handful of powerful sessions I attended, to the overwhelming sense of pride and joy I felt not only as NJACAC President, but also as a member of NJACAC, to see that we had roughly 70 NJACAC members join us from the Garden State in Salt Lake City. Even with the large crowd, I was reminded of so many from our great state who are just as committed to our field, who could not attend the NACAC Conference. With this thought, I hope that we continue to converse on ways to share the collective voice and power that we have, amongst one another.

My fellow colleague and President’s classmate, Jessica Sant of SACAC, put out a challenge for all of us to serve and support one another better. So with this in mind, let us all in New Jersey, take on this challenge to not just make ourselves better but to make each other better.

I cannot emphasize the huge honor it is for me to represent NJACAC and furthermore, the honor it is to carry out the continued work that WE will all do together.

Carlos O. Cano
NJACAC President

PS: Here is a photo of your NJ Delegation at NACAC’s Assembly!

From left to right: Cigus Vanni, Elaine Freda, Carlos Cano, Jennifer Nuechterlein, Dana Lambert, Larry Alterman, Danielle Toglia, Rebecca Muraview