Dear Colleagues,

NJACAC has an extremely diverse demographic.  Our members come from every racial background, all tiers of the socio-economic spectrum, represent a range of sexual and gender identities and have an age range that spans across decades.  We want to reiterate to our membership that no matter who we are, we all know #BlackLivesMatter.

We share in the outrage and grief over the unnecessary deaths of George Floyd and so many other people of color.  This and other recent events have created a greater sense of urgency, yet there is still so much to do.  This country is plagued with oppressive systems, in particular one that is very near and dear to our hearts–access to education.  Discussing these issues can be uncomfortable, but they are conversations we MUST continue to have.

NJACAC leadership is dedicated to helping us push forward.  We hope to work together to challenge these oppressive systems and create more equitable and inclusive spaces for all students.  We hope to create new programming to foster these difficult conversations.  We will continue to support existing programming dedicated to educating historically disenfranchised and marginalized students on the college process.  We want to ensure our peers have the resources they need to help those long oppressed by a flawed system.  The time for change was yesterday, but we will continue to ensure that change comes today and remains for a greater tomorrow.

We Stand With You All,

Laurie Seiminski, President

Michael Cartusciello, President-Elect

Larry Alterman, Past-President

Sarah Smith, IAS Committee Chair