Congratulations to three NJACAC members for being selected to serve on the NJ Secretary for Higher Education’s “Creating On-ramps to College” working group with the goal of implementing New Jersey’s Plan for Higher Education:

  • Dana Lambert (School Counselor, West Milford High School)
  • Alisa Hogan (Associate Director of Admissions Recruitment & Outreach, Stockton University)
  • Randy Stamm (School Counselor, Hackensack High School)

Our newly established rapport with Secretary Zakiya Smith Ellis and the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education has proven to pay dividends. Not only will each member of the working group bring the voice of their respective school/institution, but in the case of these three aforementioned individuals, they will bring the voice of NJACAC to the forefront of this vision that Secretary Smith Ellis has for New Jersey.

Read more about the working group(s) and view the official press release here.

Learn more about Dana, Alisa, and Randy (and the rest of the Executive Board) here.